Jack wants you back – Run!

The Internet stole another little piece of my soul yesterday. I had wandered out into the web, naively, innocently, and was surfing a crest of popular urls when it happened. It was bad enough that I let myself get sucked into youtube. Who knew I cared so much about a man who can use time-editing instead of playing talent to make a music video (check out “Amateur”)? I should have shut down my laptop then, but no, I had to go see what this whole facebook fuss was all about.  That’s when the unthinkable happened…

For all my life I have believed myself to be the only Cymbria running around. It was a hefty responsibility, but one I’ve always cherished. Who else could have had a poet mother who, at twelve years old, saw the word that would decide her daughter’s fate on a Prince Edward Island road-sign? Well, apparently there was someone else and now I’m mourning the loss of my uniqueness. I typed the name in on facebook and the face that came back to me wasn’t my own. ACK!

Hello, Cymbria-version2.0, if you’re reading this you know you’re no longer alone in the universe. You and I have shared many of the same experiences, mispronounciations, and misspellings. Maybe, if things were different and you were a Susie or a Mary-Anne, we could have been pals. I’m sure you’re a lovely person. But, as it stands, there’s just too much baggage between us. I will, however, offer you a word of advice: If you ever get a call from a man with an odd accent who calls himself Jack… just say no to that second date he’ll say you agreed to go on!!   


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