Beware the robot suffragettes

The goblins inside my laptop were especially busy today. They plotted all afternoon while I worked. Then, after my last keystroke (which ironically happened to be the save button) they attacked. ~Page Error~ What do you do with a message like that? 

The closest comparison in human terms would be an emotional meltdown. If it was physical, you could still access the injury, maybe even fix it. The message would give a clue to the source of the pain. But page error? Error? It won’t even let me look at the code!!! 

My laptop has a fragile emotional inner being. When I offend it, which I often seem to(I suppose I’m the man in this analogy lol), it shuts down after telling me the equivalent of “if you really loved me, you’d know”. Well I don’t know! I’m not a darned technician!

If men and women still don’t understand each other after thousands of years, how long will it be before we can communicate with these machines we’ve programed. Don’t even get me started on Home Depot’s self-scan system! Humanity’s only hope is to keep technology subservient to us, if we want to have any say in the decisions that result from its calculations. Oh wait, oops, I just reasoned my way back to before the suffragettes. I thought I only lost an hour’s work this afternoon, and now I’ve gone and lost century’s! 


One Response to Beware the robot suffragettes

  1. Teeg says:

    There is a secret to this type of relationship:

    CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE + F13 + left bracket + minus sign

    Then jiggle the cord for a while. That should solve everything.

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