The golf/poker faceoff

We Ontario golfers are easy to spot during these last few weeks of winter. Whether in business meetings, elevators, or hibernating in the simulators at Golf Town, we all wear the same desperate look. Our eyes are glassy, our bodies limp. Even the collars of our polos droop. There is a remedy, but your wife’s not going to like it.  


Last night I realized that poker and golf are almost literally the same game. Both take in overconfident suckers, chew them up, and…well, you know the rest. Each one makes you believe that the next hand, or next hole, will be the turning point that will save your round, or stack. You take a major gamble with both. In golf, you gamble on your lie, the wind, your technique. In poker, it’s your cards, your skill, and your mind reading skills. It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride whichever game you choose. 

My husband and I enjoy both, especially when we’re playing each other. Does that mean we’re both gamblers? Sure. We’ve known it all along. After all, we took a heck of a gamble getting married after only five months of knowing each other. Marriage can certainly be a roller-coaster, but when in doubt, we always split the pot!   


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