To decorate, or not to decorate…that is the question

How much money does it take to create a welcoming home…that’s the real question. My husband and I have a dangerous habit of living for the future. We have dreams of someday designing a darling house perched on the side of a mountain in British Colombia. Our fantasy lifestyle feels so close. We discuss what kind of landscaping we want, what kind of counter top for the kitchen…sigh. While, here in real life, we live in a basement apartment in Calgary, without a car, and (up until yesterday) without even a couch.


It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. That’s a lesson I’m trying to learn. Why not make the most of today? I’m not talking about going into crazy debt for a mahogany dining set. I’m just proposing an environment you can look forward to coming home to.


We finally took the plunge and went couch shopping this past weekend. We found a classy beige micro-fiber loveseat with a quality frame, and set the delivery for Wednesday (yesterday) afternoon.


What can one couch do for the ambience of a home? Let me tell you…more than I ever imagined! I wanted to vacuum our vacant living room in preparation, but, after getting the whole central vac situation hooked up, I discovered I needed an extension cord. I went off to Walmart for the $4 dollar cord and came back with a cart load, literally (remember, no car), full of housewares. By the time G came home, we had a fully revamped living room and kitchen. We finally have a home that doesn’t look like a student’s crash pad!


The strange thing is that it really does make a difference. I get a thrill of pride each time I go into one of the rooms. We’ve been married for four years, but this is the first time the pieces have been ours and not family hand downs. When I was standing in the aisle at Walmart, getting lightheaded off plastic fumes, I wasn’t just choosing a colour scheme. I was putting together a way we can savour this stage of our journey…for just $185 and a clearance sale couch!


Note: I returned the cart later that day. The perfect crime : )     


One Response to To decorate, or not to decorate…that is the question

  1. pushingpulitzer says:

    Hey Cymby, this is Rob, we met briefly once or twice in a lame mall, I bought a cool hat from you…blah, if you don’t remember me then screw you…(Satirical Animosity)…keep in touch, I just started a WordPress Blog called……I thought it was clever, but so far I don’t know what to write without compromising my career…..You probably will never read this so I will end by saying..You have a very impressive blog. I only now slightly understand who difficult it must be to be a freelance writer.
    Help me pleeeeeeeze.


    Robert Strachan

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