Eureka! Tiger’s Secret

Bring the club back as you turn your body and cock your wrists – then keep your lips puckered and your tongue curled as you coo “shooooweeesh” on the slow motion downswing. Say “thwaacke” when you make contact with the imaginary ball on the mat, and make sure you remember to hiss through the exaggerated followthrough. 

Of course, this drill is best practiced ALONE in your basement or backyard. I was at the driving range last night, breaking in my sweet sweet new set of clubs with all my best sound effects. I was concentrating so hard that it took 4 runthroughs of this little performance before I realized my husband was watching, with a big grin on his face.

“I bet Tiger does sound effects when he practices too,” I said, my cheeks bright red. “I bet that’s his secret.”   


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