STOP! (yes you) STOP!

Stop whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re doing it. Take a moment and appreciate the simplicity of your life: the next few hours are mapped out with (mostly) achievable tasks; you’re comfortably dressed, in warm (dry) clothes. Go ahead and smile. Breathe deep and savour your bliss.

I was once like you, young and innocent, so happy and carefree. I never stopped to appreciate how darned good I had it. Until, just mere moments ago, I turned on the tap in our office kitchen and sent a 360 degree deluge of turbo charged spray out into the room. Yes, life was so much simpler back when napkins were plentiful and clothes were dry. sigh.


One Response to STOP! (yes you) STOP!

  1. Therese says:

    Hee hee hee.

    I was startled into stopping, just now.

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