Recognize him? If so, it may already be too late.

clearly...a keeper lol

Every girl has one…

…that boy who swept you off your feet then dragged you through a lovely, spring fresh field of land mines. You know, the one boy you can’t resist, even through he’s put your heart/ self-esteem/ hope-for-the-future through the shredder too many times to count. I’m sure he was one of your first loves too, and you two just “got” each other right from the beginning. ya ya

I have one of my own, of course, but I’m not ready to him dredge up from the bilgewater of my grade 9 memories. The charmer you see in the picture above is kryptonite to a friend of mine. She’s been trying to break free of his toxicity for almost a year. Part of growing up is recognizing the poison people in our lives, and having the courage to cut ourselves loose. Step back, let’s try taking a look at our relationships from the outside. Are red flags waving wild to get our attention?

I read a great line yesterday: “(paraphrased) if you’re trying to get to the reality of your relationships, try imagining one of your discussions as verbatim dialogue in a novel. Do you have new empathy? Do the characters surprise you? Disgust you?” (note: disgust is always a bad sign)

And speaking of bad signs… If your kryptonite boy (or girl) chooses to post a picture of himself similar to the one above (this pic is from my friend’s charmer’s myspace profile page), the case is already settled. Don’t bother plugging him into dialogue or asking yourself “is he an energy vampire?” Most pictures say a thousand words. This photo says one… run. Ok, maybe two… run… fast.


5 Responses to Recognize him? If so, it may already be too late.

  1. K says:

    Can relate to this very well. My first love was when I was 35. I wanted to believe I was this untouchable lone wolf type. Luckily my guy didn’t look scarey but he was a Corporate Tool and calculating.

  2. cymbria says:

    oooo corporate tools are the worst. The only place to be “calculating” in a relationship is the food budget!

  3. K.D. says:

    There simply is NOT enough text room to express how much i am laughing!! “…run …fast.” If only… if only!
    You’re awesome! Simply, amazingly awesome!!

  4. Thérèse says:

    I had to avert my eyes. It’s like a highway accident. Your eyes slide over the scene, so that you see it and acknowledge it without taking it in.

    Hoo boy.

  5. […] it may already be too late.??? … I wanted to believe I was this untouchable lone wolf type. … WOLF CIGARSHISTORY OF THE lone wolf CIGAR COMPANY … was The lone wolf Cigar Company. … a […]

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