Before you can play the guitar… (part 1)

On our last night together before she moved back East, my best writer friend played her guitar for me and sang. I usually find the awkward intimacy of one-on-one recitals unbearable, but this was different. It wasn’t like (when a certain ex) started strumming under the twinkle of his closet mounted strobing disco ball. No, this was definitely something new. She kept her sense of humour (turning Enrique Englacious Hero song into an ode to the sandwich) and her voice was great. She also made the guitar seem so accessible.

“I think you could be good at this,” she said, after teaching me a couple of chords. Her guitar settled itself comfortably in my lap. The posture felt natural, sort of like literal tree-hugging. I’ve played the flute for most of my life, but have always wanted to know if the songs I write and sing while walking are any good. Traffic isn’t always the most harmonious accompanist lol.

My birthday came a few weeks after this rather one sided jam session. Perfect time to put my plan into action…



2 Responses to Before you can play the guitar… (part 1)

  1. Thérèse says:

    Well? Well? Are you learning to play? You must, you must! If only to please yourself, because it sounds now, as it sounded then, as though you always wondered.

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