Size does matter! (at least it did in 1960s Hong Kong)

Humans are by nature a competitive species. Some tick in our brains compels us to one-up one another at every available opportunity. This is all well and good for “survival of the fittest” and all that tom foolery, but there are times this biological quirk not only throws off our sense of reality, but messes with our sense of proportion too.

How big are your rims? Do they spin? They do, eh? Well, isn’t that special. Car rims have become major macho talking points for my generation. You better be chromed up and ready to roll on twenty-two inches of sparkling Star-Wars-styled steel if you want to call yourself a man.

But back in 1960s Hong Kong, men spent their money boosting a different set of inches (inches they didn’t have to keep in the garage). The son of a Hong Kong tailor told me today how at the peak of the bell bottom fad, a man came into the shop asking for “twenty-two inch wide pant legs”!

Because you know, of course, there’s nothing more manly than a fellow walking around with a couple of skirts hanging off his knees lol ; )

2 Responses to Size does matter! (at least it did in 1960s Hong Kong)

  1. Thérèse says:

    Whoa! Love the new layout!

  2. Cymbria says:

    Thanks! I feel so “established” now lol. I just have to get over obsessing about the ‘largely’ misleading proportions of the nose in the new pic : ~ )

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