Does a Thursday dipped in chocolate become a Friday?

Do you believe everything you read in print? Well, if you do, pay attention. Today is a Friday. Oh sure, the weather network (and even a few newspapers) may be planting Thursday’s flag at the peak of noon, but I assure you it’s all one big terrible mix up.

What’s my evidence? You’re looking at it!

What other day but a Friday could one run into a “Free Chocolate Dipped Strawberry” offer on the way to work? One minute I was trudging past the storefronts of 7th Ave, sullenly resigned to yet another so-close-but-yet-so-far Thursday. The next, there I was with a chocolate capped, palm sized jewel of a fruit being handed to me for free. I nibbled on it all the way down the sidewalk, up the elevator, and right into the office. It was, quite honestly, the best breakfast treat I’ve had in months – ripe and juicy, with a smooth milk chocolate helmet thick enough to take its yummy charge through battle.

So keep your eyes peeled for too-good-too-be-true advertisements on your way to work tomorrow. If a Thursday served up this kind of treat, imagine what a real bonified Friday might have in store for us!

Want to make today a Friday for you too?

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One Response to Does a Thursday dipped in chocolate become a Friday?

  1. Thérèse says:

    Gotta love them yummy surprises.

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