Dropping shots with Padraig Harrington and Dr. Bob

When Padraig Harrington tapped in for a clean par on the 18th, he won the British Open for the second year in a row. We’re all left wondering… How in blue blazes!!!! Well, turns out his lovely wife, Caroline, had booked him some face time with the world’s top sports psychologist. You can find the genius list and quote below in this month’s Golf Digest article, Your 15th Club.  


Dr. Bob Rotella’s Mental Keys

1. Visualize the shot

2. Adhere to a pre-shot routine

3. Focus on your target

4. Commit to your swing

5. Accept the result

“Because (Harrington) already knows that he’ll accept whatever happens to his shot, he’s relaxed.”

hmmmm, I’m thinkin’ there might just be a life lesson tucked in there somewhere?


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