Embarrassed? No. Mortified? Yes.

Groan. Walking while “story-ing” is always dangerous. Only by the Grace of God, and the strange providence of writers, have I survived a lifetime of walking busy city streets while oblivious to all but the plight of my characters. I thought I was being so careful this morning. I made sure to look both ways (at least I think I did), but there are always other dangers. 

I rounded a corner while deep in the ponderings, and lilting voice, of one of my current male characters. “And then I comfort her”  came blurting out – just as I walked right into a crowd of startled business people waiting at a bus stop.

What can ya’ do? I hid under the brim of my baseball cap and sped through. Writing always finds a way to get my heart pumping faster. lol

4 Responses to Embarrassed? No. Mortified? Yes.

  1. sandysays1 says:

    As years pass you’ll experience oh so many more. Just keep in mind all the entertainment you’re providing to the great unwashed, enjoy the looks on their faces, and pass the hat for donations

  2. Cymbria says:

    So much to look forward to lol.

    “The great unwashed” (love it) can finance the writing of my next novel. I walk into enough embarrassments to pay for an Anna Karenina length tome!

  3. TheBreakRoom says:

    I think out loud when I am working and I ALWAYS get crazy looks. Sometimes I am embarrassed, but many times I just keep on talkin’ to myself.

  4. Cymbria says:

    When in retail, you want your customer’s thinking you’re as crazy as possible. That way you’ve got the insanity plea ready in your back pocket for extra “tight” situations lol

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