“Pulling a Maggert” – Golf’s most dangerous shot

If you look close enough...you can see the pain

If you look close enough...you can actually see the pain

Who says golf is a boring game? I barely survived the second hole of my “leisurely” Sunday afternoon round yesterday. My ball was buried in deep rough off the right side of the fairway. I had about 60 yards to the green, but there was a large elm halfway between me and the pin. I knew I’d have to power the ball out of the grass with enough oomf to punch it through the leaves. No problem. I set up with my seven and let ‘er rip with maxed out swing speed and a full body turn. It hit the trunk dead square. There was a tremendous “Thwack” and suddenly the ball was heading straight for me – missile style – target locked. I chucked my club with a yell and did a ever-so-graceful backwards dive onto the grass – out of the line of fire. Time slowed, and one word, one name, flashed before my eyes as I arched through the air…MAGGERT.

What is “pulling a Maggert”?

Who pulled the first Maggert? Jeff Maggert, of course, on that infamous Sunday afternoon at the Masters five years ago. It remember watching it (on TV, tragically) as a fledgling golfer and thinking – “No, this can’t be happening, this game can’t be that cruel!” An oh, oh yes it can, as I have learned many times over since then. And as I picked my grass stained self up off the ground, I learned it all over again. My bullet ball had come to rest a good 25 yards behind where I’d first hit it… touché golf, touché.

(photo source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com)


2 Responses to “Pulling a Maggert” – Golf’s most dangerous shot

  1. joecetta says:

    Oh, is that what it’s called? I’m glad someone christened it. I always just thought it was called the Boy-Am-I-A-Sucky-Golfer shot. I’m practically an ace at the Maggert, then. It’s easier to say, too.

  2. Cymbria says:

    lol! Ya, by the time you’d get through that mouthful, you’d have a mouthful of triple layered cybertec plastics! In my opinion, boomerang golf should be left to the Australians! Appleby or Allenby perhaps?

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