Why must riding the elevator always be so socially awkward?

Just asking.

I mean, am I missing something? Like the elevator etiquette handbook? Please let me know if anyone has figured out how to order a copy. Until then, I’m taking the stairs. Ok, maybe not on the way up. I am on the 29th floor. Hmmm, come to think about it, it’s almost time for me to go home and I’ve feeling pretty blah…so maybe I’ll start on my enclosed-space-social-ineptitude-motivated-exercise-plan tomorrow. Yep, wore myself right out just by trying to say that out loud.

Watch out Calgary, because tonight, just to make it interesting, I may leave one of my trademark unanswered-unappreciated-on-elevator-witticisms hanging in the stale air over our heads all the way down to G.

Think Chapters might have one of those books? Are they open late tonight?


3 Responses to Why must riding the elevator always be so socially awkward?

  1. lucienlachance says:

    What I love about elevators IS that fact that they make people uncomfortable. There is always an extreme tension, expecially when it has to go on and on and on as you make your way to the millionth floor.

    People need to just loosen up. It’s a damn elevator, not the first year of highschool. That’s why I usually just stare at people, or turn up my headphones really loud to bug them a bit 😉

    I figure making them annoyed gets them past the whole uncomfortable feeling. Though I guess if the elevator gets stuck I’m screwed. I’ll be the first one they pick off when the gum supply runs out….

  2. russthedefiant says:

    I sometimes when I get in the elevator right when the doors are closing, I will stand with my back to the doors. It really freaks people out and they will not look at me. Even if I am nice and say hello to them with a kind smile.

    Just something to break up the monotony.

  3. Cymbria says:


    I’ve got a couple rebels here! I looove the back-to-the-door idea. I am definitely going to have to try that one. And I have to admit I do the staring thing. Usually at their choice of footwear, but sometimes “elsewhere” to really creep them out lol. You just gotta have a little fun with it I guess. And ya, why is it some people never leave highschool?

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