Best Political Cartoons: The Canadian Coalition Chimera

 Oh Canada!!

What reels and groans deep in the black murk of the Ottawa River? What strikes terror into the hearts of Stephen Harper and Michaelle Jean? Can it be? The Coalition Chimera lives! Brilliant illustrator Christina Nichols, who also happens to be my coworker, shows us the ugly, but beautifully brilliant, one true hope for Canada’s future.

Update: The central head – ‘The Dion’ – has been lopped off! But – Oh the horror – a new and ever so much more depraved above-the-neck entity has grown back in its place – ‘The Ignatieff’. Noooooooooo! Has anyone been utterly horrified at the lack of clarity, focus, and coherence in the man’s writing?


3 Responses to Best Political Cartoons: The Canadian Coalition Chimera

  1. Looks like you’re going to have to do some re-drawing after today’s news of Dion’s early resignation and the (possible) collapse of the coalition. I guess that’s an occupational hazard for political cartoonists.

  2. kristi02 says:

    Aghk!!!! This issue has frustrated me to no end! I do not see any possible faults within this coalition and furthermore do not understand why Canadians wish for it to falter before fruition! Ugh…

  3. Cymbria says:

    Hi Joel! Ya, the beast’s lost its main head, but it’s still breathing. Any ideas where it keeps its brain? Now if only we can keep its heart pumping a few more weeks…

    oh and Kristi…I second your “Ugh…”, big time!!!

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