Are you in the dark this New Years Eve?

“Do you find it dark in here?” The maintenance tech asked me, light-bulb in hand. He was perched on a red folding ladder, replacing the burnt out bulb over my office computer. 

“Well, ya,” I said. “This is the only office in the company without a window.” That fact has never bothered me before. Why would it? I have a sweet situation at my job, one that I could have only fantasised about while trapped in retail. Why on earth would I start complaining about the lighting?

“I can make it brighter for you,” said the tech. “I can put in all daylight bulbs if you’d like.”

I told him to “go for it.”

I can’t even begin to describe the difference it’s made! I have a sunbeam waiting for me in my office every morning. No really, it’s fantastic! My mood, and even my outlook for the new year, have been illuminated. So pease promise me, dear readers, that if someone comes into your life this year and offers to brighten your day… you’ll let them. Because you might not think you need it, or deserve it, but (and trust me on this)… it will light up more than you can imagine.

Happy New Year!


4 Responses to Are you in the dark this New Years Eve?

  1. Kristi says:

    Oh deary me, that does sound quite lovely!!! I will have to go in and see it some time!! 🙂
    Ooooh… was it… THE maintenance guy??

  2. that’s a interesting thought. I like the idea of letting people help you. Sometimes we don’t want to impose on others, but we are made to help one another.

  3. Cymbria says:

    A close second Kristi dear heehee

    Thanks unexpected – funny thing is, it just so happens to be the best way to help ourselves too : ) Great site you guys!

  4. Thérèse says:

    Hee. How literal of you to see it that way.

    Happy New Year!

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