Geologist Trapped In Calgary Tower!

“I would suggest going with Perrier or bottled rather than Calgary tap water,” implored our server, and I do mean ‘implored’.

The revolving restaurant atop the Calgary Tower is a swanky joint, don’t get me wrong, but upselling water? How uncouth! My friend and I were stunned. I would expect that sort of behaviour from a Subway Sandwich Artist (been there, done that lol), but from a debonair, expertly coiffed, professional waiter?

He continued to plead his cause, hand clutching tightly cuffed wrist, to us and to every one of his other tables, with phrases like “overly fluorinated” and “just like sucking on a penny”. We heard him give his well practiced speal a full three times within the space of ten minutes. I suppose I should mention that my lovely friend and I were the only holdouts – Calgary tap water all the way!

Of course, I had to ask about the ice cubes ~wink~

“Distilled water,” he said, and yes, he did use a Brita at home. I began to suspect there was more to our server’s story, especially when he went on to explain why we Calgarians find ourselves using so much lotion after the shower. And no, the conversation wasn’t headed in that direction ; )

Could there be, dare I say it, a “passion” behind his upselling? I’ve always been fascinated by what people chose as their “cause”, that connection to a part of the world that’s wholly theirs and theirs alone. What’s yours?

“I’m sorry for giving you a hard time,” I said, “but you seem to be so…um…passionate about this whole thing. I’m just curious where it comes from.”

He smiled and confessed, rather sheepishly, “I’m actually a geologist.”


3 Responses to Geologist Trapped In Calgary Tower!

  1. Kristi says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s awesome!! Wish I could have been there… The restaurant was nice though?!

  2. sup says:

    In the old days, I use to wait on tables there, even then the water was foul. we had to put lemon wedge in to alter the taste.

  3. Cymbria says:

    Ooooooo I love the internet, all kinds of secrets come ‘pouring’ out heehee Thanks for stoppin’ by sup!

    And Kristi, wish you coulda’ been there too~tear~, and ya, it was fairly gorge.

    Hmmm, I think my high school English teachers would throttle me if they read this comment ; )

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