Learning basic psychology… from a potato

There are some people who, when left alone, begin to die. There are others who, given the space to breathe, finally have room to live. The proof is in the potato…

Years ago, I walked into my kitchen and was struck smack in the nose by an awful odour. The source? A long forgotten bag of potatoes under the sink. The rotting vegetable matter had somehow transformed into a filthy fermenting liquid in the bottom of the bag – Gross!

More recently, yesterday to be exact, I was washing dishes when the long ago memory of buying a potato (for a never-actualized dinner months ago) drifted into my thoughts. With trepidation, I got down on my hands and knees and cautiously opened the bottom cupboard door…

I shrieked and fell backwards! Pale octopus tentacle things were reaching up at me out of the bag! AACK! What the? I braved another peek. Sprouts, they were sprouts – finger thick and ten inches long! I never invited them into my kitchen! I must admit, though, I did feel a certain kinship to this introvert potato, who had thrived when left up to its own devices. I even felt a wee bit guilty when I covered it with empty cans and orange peel in the garbage. The more sensitive among us need to be careful about who we let into our space – not to mention our kitchens! We must remember that even a potato’s noble struggle for self actualization must not be allowed to get in the way of our own.

Now, what’s for dinner?


2 Responses to Learning basic psychology… from a potato

  1. Mike says:

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  2. Cymbria says:

    Thanks Mike! Drop by anytime : )

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