Not so different after all…

Traditional hijabCanadian Climate BurkaNorth Americans are the biggest hypocrites! We Canadians readily submit ourselves to a meteorological climate so hostile that merely revealing an ear to the world can lead to permanent injury.  The picture on the left was taken this morning, on May 20th. MAY! Here I am, bundled to the hilt, in a society that would happily let me skip around in little more than a couple of spandex triangles.

How dare we judge our sisters, whose own climate, albeit cultural, dictates an identical costume. Her and I are both madly in love with our countries and our families; why shouldn’t we dress for the best chance of success and acceptance in both. What is freedom? Do I really have the freedom to run through the snow in a bikini? Can my personal choice to expose my body to frostbite ever be comparable to the cultural reprimand one of my sisters might face if she rebelled in similar fashion?


 (hijab image source)


4 Responses to Not so different after all…

  1. jonolan says:

    I’d like to take that a small step further and point out that the origin of the hijab is Arabic culture. It was based based on pure climatic pressures. Exposing one’s ear to the desert sun is at least as dangerous as exposing to the northern cold.

  2. Cymbria says:

    Fascinating! Isn’t it ‘funny’ how culture is so much like a game of “telephone”. The original messages are garbled by thousands of crossed lines over the centuries. Too often we end up with “glove your mother”, rather than “love each other”~wink

  3. Clarisse says:


    Thank you for dropping by my blogsite. Just to let you know, I’m a fan of yours! Hope you can come back to mine (though it’s nothing as much) whenever you’re feeling generous!

    And yep, sorry, can’t do the dishes. But I can mail you a ShamWow! =P

  4. Cymbria says:

    That commercial always blows my mind lol.

    I’m so in love with your blog background! You have such a beautiful take on life and I’m so happy someone else out there is still madly deeply about hubbies in general (though not too general ; )

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