Stay tuned…SavingCymbria will be back in September!

All you need to make summer fun


22 Responses to Stay tuned…SavingCymbria will be back in September!

  1. dinesh says:

    This is cute post.
    How are you. Hey! I want to tell you one thing; I’ve launched my personal website. Please visit once.

    Take care

  2. Type Writer says:

    Hey Cym,

    You probably haven’t looked at my blog in a million years, but I have a couple posts about a band called The Pretty Faces, whose members are all originally from Waterloo. You should check them out. Also, the wife of the lead singer, guitarist Hannah Thorslund, has a sister that designs clothes and other items, so I feel like you’d have a lot in common with these guys. Talk to you later…

    p.s. How’s the guitar playing these days?
    p.p.s. Yellow summer red? πŸ™‚

    • Cymbria says:

      Great to hear from you TW! Long time no…um…type. Thanks for the band info. Sounds like you have some great connections in the ‘scene’, if that’s what they’re calling it these days. What a creative bunch! They’re lucky to have another creative soul – that would be you – to spread the word. Oh great, just great, now I’ve got ABBA’s Waterloo stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, humph.

      ps. I learned quite a few new cords this summer and had a hoot jamming with them. You really can’t beat the acoustics of a bathroom lol.
      pps. note colours of beach ball ; )

  3. Type Writer says:

    Hey Cymbria,

    It took me a while to realize you’d responded to my comment; sorry πŸ™‚ If you go over to my blog, you’ll see that I just started serializing an interview I conducted with the aforementioned Canadian-transplant band The Pretty Faces, so get in on the ground floor of this series πŸ™‚


  4. Type Writer says:

    p.s. What chords did you learn this summer?

  5. Cymbria says:

    I’ll check it out TW! I hate to admit it, but I’ve lost pretty much all of what I learned. I’m sure once I pick up my guitar it’ll all come rushing back, but my brain has been in ‘word’ mode for too long and all I can remember are some fading letters… D… A… G… golly (or dag, rather), I ought to be able to better than this lol!

  6. Cymbria says:

    I can’t seem to connect to your site. Has the address changed?

  7. Type Writer says:

    Oops, the webpage is currently between web providers πŸ™‚ (Yahoo shut down Geocities at the end of October) But The Music Type blog is still operational, and that’s where the interview will first appear in serial form:

  8. Type Writer says:

    p.s. D-A-G are good chords to learn, because those are the I-IV-V (i.e. major) chords for the key of G. Since rock music is based on the I-IV-V blues chord progression, you can now play hundreds of songs…

  9. Cymbria says:

    Hundreds… eh? Talk about easier said than done lol! Personally, I found the strumming bit far more challenging than the actual fingerings. How ironic considering I can still pull off the former, but haven’t a hope at the latter!

  10. Cymbria says:

    Loved the interview! Great pic of the band too : )

  11. Type Writer says:

    Thanks, Cym πŸ™‚ I feel like the band should take more credit for the photo than I should, because they know exactly how to dress and pose so that they look good. I was just the lucky guy who opened the shutter on the camera. And it’s already paid off in terms of getting me one of my first newspaper photo credits, since my buddy Bill (you remember him, right?) did an article on them and his editor selected one of my pictures to illustrate it. Maybe I’ll become a famous music journalist yet…


  12. Cymbria says:

    Congratulations! Keep doing what you’re doing : )Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ right into Rolling Stone ; )

    Ok, just so you know…
    There are positively NO permissible contractions of my name!!! Nobody, not even husbands (woops, take off that ‘s’ there lol) and parents have ever gotten away with it. I must confess it’s taking all my will power not to edit the ‘bria’ into your comment as we speak (or type, whatever lol). And that smiley face is just rubbing it in! Humph. So this is your get-out-of-jail-free card TW (mr. two letters and somehow fine with it), so you’d better enjoy it!

    ~Sigh~ Are three syllables really so much to ask of the world?

  13. Type Writer says:

    Sorry, my dear, I didn’t know you had a problem with that. Feel free to edit my comment if that helps (it is your blog, after all)

    p.s. Happy American Thanksgiving…

  14. Cymbria says:

    In the spirit of American Thanksgiving I will honour your first amendment (though not your spelling of hono(u)r – a gal’s gotta draw the line somewhere lol) and support free speech by leaving your comment as it stands. We Canadians really are too nice!

    Now go stuff yourself… with turkey!! lol : )

  15. Type Writer says:

    Actually, no line needs to be drawn RE British spellings, since, having grown up as a Commonwealth citizen (in Jamaica) I too spell “honour” with a ‘u’ πŸ™‚

    As for your last comment, all I can say is “What the stuff?” πŸ™‚


  16. Cymbria says:

    Heehee, what the stuff indeed ; )

    With a ‘u’ too, eh? And they let you live in Florida? I always figured you have to go through some sort of intensive grammatical deprogramming before they give you your green card lol.

  17. Type Writer says:

    I’m just gld you didn’t tell me to get stuffed πŸ™‚

    Lots of people from the British West Indies and other Commonwealth countries live in Florida so there are potentially lots of ‘u’ spellers out there. I had two professors at two different universities try to break me of the habit but they didn’t succeed. But I did switch how I do dates (i.e. 12/2/09 as opposed to 2/12/09) simply so I wouldn’t confuse myself or anyone else. But now I have a problem reading dates correctly when I go back to Jamaica or read an English magazine πŸ™‚

    But to bring the conversation back to your guitar playing: Step 1 is to learn the chord fingerings, Step 2 is to get fluid enough in switching between chords as you strum. Both steps require practice in order to build up finger memory. Once you have that, your mind could be on what you’re gonna make for dinner that night and you’ll still sound fine πŸ™‚


  18. Cymbria says:

    Thanks for the advice! I could be my own soundtrack lol. Of course now all I can think about is ‘what should I make for tonight’s supper?’ Oh wait, is supper vs dinner another one of those language thingys? And can even make a language query when I’ve stuck the word ‘thingy’ in the question? Sigh, so many questions in this life ‘thingy’ of ours. : )

  19. Type Writer says:

    I think of supper as a lighter version of dinner. Growing up in dinner, we would have Sunday dinner around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, so supper later on was pretty light…


  20. Cymbria says:

    I am now enlightened “ohm” : )

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