I know I shouldn’t blog about people at work, but…

It has come to my attention that four out of this company’s sixteen employees – a full 25% – are wearing glasses held together by quintessentially nerdist means. I know we are a geophysical data processing firm, but seriously! I mean really, could we get any more cliché:

Culprit 1: Scotch tape (keeping it simple with what’s at hand)

Culprit 2: Plastic shrink-wrap sleeve reinforced with Scotch tape (because I’m – yes, of course I’m on this list too – an all or nothing kind of gal, in my loves, in my dreams, and apparently in my DIY eyewear repairs)

Culprit 3: Electrical tape (for a more discreet look, because one can never sacrifice style)

Culprit 4: An ungainly silver ball of soldering (because one must have style before one can sacrifice it)

I don’t dare rank us in terms of nerdiness, but you’re welcome give it a try. Oh, and sorry #4, but look on the bright side; I’m sure your repair will outlast all of ours. And anyways, there’s something to be said for a touch of asymmetrical nerd bling – Jay-Z would be proud~wink.

2 Responses to I know I shouldn’t blog about people at work, but…

  1. sillionshine says:

    Art v Science:

    Culprit 1: Scotch tape minimalism, a Donald Judd approach to visual infrastructure maintenance.

    Culprit 2: Plastic shrink-wrap plus Scotch tape – attention to detail, definitely a Baroque visionary.

    Culprit 3: Electrical tape. Form and function, the Frank Lloyd Wright of eyewear recontruction.

    Culprit 4: Silver soldered splotch. Brash, confrontational Damien Hirst shock-art. One step away from a glitter eyepatch.

  2. Cymbria says:

    WOW sillionshine!! What a truly masterful comment. You have raised the bar for us all…kudos

    -Donald Judd would just die knowing #1’s tape was poorly, dare I say haphazardly, aligned.
    -I’ll take Baroque over its naughty little cousin Rococco any day ~wink.
    -Was #3 channeling Wright’s prairie home mystique? Well, she does hail from Calgary so…
    -And as for #4, crystal skulls are all well and good for Hirst, but when you have eyes in your Swarovski sockets, silver solder is the next best bling!

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