Burning The Ugly Pants: Join a 2010 personal style makeover (update II)

Despite the dust in one eye, the redness and squinting. Despite my lifeless ponytail and lack of concealer. Despite the scotchtape holding my glasses together. Despite the cyclist who bawled me out on the bikepath this morning, when I was only trying to give him MORE room. Despite everything, I went ahead and waved my wand in front of the office bathroom mirror.

For the first time, I understand why lipstick sales spiked during World War II. My lipgloss isn’t about conformity,  it’s a rebellion. I’m taking a stand against entropy. Beauty doesn’t have to be the final touch. It can be the beginning – a tough revelation for any perfectionist. 

Every “Despite” up there can be changed to a “Because.” This simple switch in semantics gives us back our power. Rather than victims of circumstance, just trying to catch up, we move up to the offensive line. Besides, who wouldn’t want to start off the day with a little taste of ‘rasberry sorbet’.

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2 Responses to Burning The Ugly Pants: Join a 2010 personal style makeover (update II)

  1. Michelle says:

    I love reading your posts. Talented lady you are:)

  2. Cymbria says:

    Thank you Michelle ~ I’m beamin’ over here : ) (and I’m not talking about my lips lol)

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