Because life is more fun without pants…

Calgary Comic Expo Cosplay

'Vamping' outside Calgary's Comic Expo with Carmen Sandiego and The Black Canary

Black Canary Action Figure

Sometimes, you really just have to GO FOR IT! Gutsy gal that I am, I recently spent an entire Saturday as The Black Canary – dropping off my income taxes at Westbrook Mall, dispensing marriage advice on the C-Train, strolling through the Casino on my downtime (couldn’t find any slots for my nickel – even on the 5cent slot machines??). Calgary was surprisingly receptive to my Super Hero self, the context (thankfully!) being obvious. Although, I did notice a cooling of public opinion when I ditched the yellow bits for the rainy bus ride home; turns out there’s a fine line between Super Hero and Hooker – who knew?

Becoming The Black Canary:
1- Baste yellow zipper onto fitted T-shirt
2- Cut 12 (3″/1.5″) cardboard rectangles
3- Cover cardboard with fabric (white glue or glue gun)
4- Sew black elastic loops for securing yellow to boots and gloves
5- Glue yellow rectangles to black elastic strips for boots (see pic) and glove loops
6- Add fishnets, black bodysuit, short black jacket, and knee-high black boots
7- Save the world…(opt.)

(Top photo by Andy Nichols)

2 Responses to Because life is more fun without pants…

  1. “Because life is more fun without pants” – I love it and I’m hooked. Well said! (made me laugh out loud too…)

  2. Cymbria says:

    Welcome LivingDilbert! “…more fun without pants” a motto to live by – if I do say so myself lol! And wouldn’t cha know it, my cosplay led to a very intimate (now legendary) moment with Malcolm Mcdowell – aka the eyelash guy in The Clockwork Orange!!

    Note: My George was fully briefed (post-expo)and listened patiently to all my nerdisms with that darling, long suffering, 3/4 smile of his 😉

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