Cleaning In Character: Because there are ways of making life fun… even cleaning the bathroom

...because what could be more fun than sharing your struggles with a colour coordinated, early 20th century, Eastern European peasant girl?

Remember Puff The Magic Dragon? Remember how little Jackie Paper abandoned his best friend for “other toys,” and how heartbroken Puff “sadly slipped into his cave?” What a horrible lesson to teach kids! The idea that one outgrows one’s imagination is not only absurd, but cruel, and can even be crippling for certain personalities. Next time you’re in a long lineup, watch what happens… The children immediately evaluate their environment in terms of story possibilities and novel sensations, while the adults generally shuffle around getting bored and/or irritated. Which sounds like more fun to you?

National Geographic's next cover

What if we could protect our imaginations the same way we now wear sunscreen to prevent (or at least stave off) wrinkles? I, for one, refuse to compromise what continues to be my most powerful tool in how I interpret and interact with the world. Globalization has exposed us to so many differing cultural worldviews; why not explore the possibility of your own unique construct? Why not make life a little more fun?

Sure, I felt a bit silly cleaning in costume, but only at first. It was incredible how much more bearable (let’s not get carried away here) my chore became after I added the story. Try it for yourself! Your imagination is a whole lot closer to the surface than you’ve been led to believe…

7 Responses to Cleaning In Character: Because there are ways of making life fun… even cleaning the bathroom

  1. beatthepulp says:

    Wow! That is absolutely amazing. And oh the possibilities!

    Let’s say gardening…or washing dishes…or washing a car…or vacuuming (although I have weird fascination with vacuuming, or maybe it’s just the smell of vacuuming)…AND I’m Mexican, so I’m a step ahead with the costume!


  2. Cymbria says:

    HAHAHAHA~The smell of vacuuming?! Still cracking up over here : ) And to think, just yesterday I was so naive, so sheltered, as to be utterly ignorant of the olfactory pleasures of the chore. Or maybe I’m just not vacuuming enough lol.

    Oh, just one question…

    Do you own a sombrero?

  3. beatthepulp says:

    Hmmm? Unfortunately no sombrero. Maybe vacuuming in one will motivate me to finally make the purchase after all these years.

    And about the smell of vacuuming: it’s one of those things in life that is absolutely and entirely nostalgic for me. Whenever I vacuum now, and THAT SMELL hits my nose, I’m sent back to those days when I was 10 years old and my mother would tell me to vacuum and I’d complain, but then I came to love the smell and consequently vacuuming, and even then at that young age I knew it was strange for a 10 year old to love vacuuming, never mind the smell and its warm, dusty density. Ya, it’s kind of like that.

    Until next time (i.e. until one of us decides to comment on the others blog).


  4. Cymbria says:

    Hehee “warm, dusty density”… didn’t know housework could make a fellow so poetic lol. Most little boys have these sorts of soul defining experiences with their mother’s high heeled shoes and lipstick, but you took it to a whole ‘nother (and decidedly more masculine) level. Your girlfriend is one lucky dame, especially if you have the same sensory affection for Palmolive lol

    ps. Anything that motivates the purchase of a sombrero… as Martha Stewart would say… “is a good thing” ; )

  5. Daniele Zucchi says:

    Hi, I saw your pictures of you where you wear gloves and you look very nice and pretty

  6. Cymbria says:

    Thanks : ) Nothing says feminine grace like pink oversized rubber gloves lol ~

  7. […] I’ve rocked out to hard-core blues in bra and panties. I’ve dressed up like Eastern European slave girl. I’ve turned the task into an archeological dig and you can be sure I always try to pawn them […]

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