After eight years of marriage… caught in the act!

Oh the shame. I know we all do it. It’s natural, oh so satisfying, and perfectly healthy. But I managed to go eight long years before my husband ever caught me in the act. I could have sworn I heard the door shut after him on his way to work. I was so sure I was alone…

Then the shower curtain tweaked open and there was his rosy cheeked face looking up at me all innocent and questioning, as if seeing me for the very first time…

“Were you…?” he asked, his smile gleeful as he peeled back the last layer of his wife’s nakedness. “Were you really singing in the shower?”


4 Responses to After eight years of marriage… caught in the act!

  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    I was expecting that he caught you with your vibrating toy in the shower.

  2. The T says:

    I sooooo love this moment… simple and free…yet a moment arrested… thank you for telling us about you moment of being caught….


  3. Cymbria says:

    Hehee Lafemme, that would have been so much less mortifying!
    Thanks T for taking a break from the high life to stop by ;)! Mrs ‘simple and free’ over here is seriously considering being much less simple and free when it comes to door locks lol

  4. lynn says:

    beautifully written, Cymbria – I wasn’t expecting the punchline until there it was, like a shiny christmas ball, a gift.

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