Oh Adele, we could have had it all… but then Monday joined the party

“There’s a fire starting…”

The last snooze timed out and Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ jolted me out of doze mode. The beat found me under the covers and grabbed me by the foot. Next thing I knew I was rocking out an impromptu Rolling Stone photo shoot. I went for it with full-on Lindsay Lohan abandon – sheets flying back arching hair tossing lips pouting hands on hips…etc. For my glorious finale I swept back my hair, flashed a dashing smile to the invisible camera, and swung my legs (toes pointed) gracefully over the side of the bed – my left ankle bone lining up perfectly with the corner of the bedside table…

<SMACK>”… you played it to the beat…”

I spent the last few bars of the song curled up in fetal position nursing my injury. Thank you Monday, thank you very much.

What do you do when Monday steals your glamour? You take it back! When I got to work I found Adele’s song online, shut my office door, and proceeded to rock out hard core, with full-on Cymbria abandon – arms flailing hips swinging hair flying knees bobbing face grinning…etc. Even tethered to the computer by headphones, I gave it my all. Was anyone watching from behind the half-closed retirement home blinds outside my window? Who cares! You know what, I hope they were watching! And I hope they felt my joy. We only get one life, may as well live it dancing!


4 Responses to Oh Adele, we could have had it all… but then Monday joined the party

  1. redheadmouth says:

    Amen! I dance with my dog almost everyday with the blinds open. My neighbors probably think I am nuts!

  2. Cymbria says:

    Let them πŸ™‚ Guaranteed you’re having more fun than they are! What a lucky pooch! Amen to that.

  3. lynn says:

    I ended your piece grinning from ear to ear…..reminded me of the time the guy with the saxophone in Chicago said to me, I’l play you something to make your feet move (I was modestly tapping my foot during his first song) – I grinned and said to myself, just go for it…..not wild abandon, but there was a moment when I was simply dancing and he was playing, and yes, happy…..quite surprised to see the crowd gathered at the end watching!

  4. nasik| | rent…

    […]Oh Adele, we could have had it all… but then Monday joined the party « SavingCymbria[…]…

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