About Cymbria

f1000016.JPGFirst up, a confession: (watch out, you’re up next in this circle ~wink) “Hi, my name is Cymbria, and I’m a recovering overachiever. It’s been 10 years and counting.”

Our culture is in crisis. We are being pushed into futures fueled by stress and specialization. We are told that to be successful, we must run ourselves harder and brand ourselves narrower than ever before. But now, after 9/11 and the financial crisis, the payoff is no longer secure. This is the time to push back.

Cymbria WoodI made my choice and stepped back, left university for apron jobs, and started writing. Soon after, I was blessed to meet a Viking man and within five months we were married, eloping on the day of The Great Eastern Blackout in 2003 (but that’s another story!). We now live in Calgary, where my overachiever’s drive for accountability and productivity has been redirected into finding ‘creative balance’ through new projects and ideas.

My mission as a blank canvas thinker is to inspire with every story, novel, and article I write. My mission as a designer is the same. I want to inspire you to “get creative” in finding the joy and balance in your own life. My personal path is through humour, faith, philosophy, and design (and don’t forget the golf!). Come with me and dare a storied life…

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49 Responses to About Cymbria

  1. Lynda says:

    Wow~ Cymbria I am very impressed. I found this website and was taken in by your writing. Im normally not a blog person, but i think i may have to drop a line every so often. I wish you the best and keep writing. I dont have any creative solutions or questions at this time but you can guarantee ill be back. Take care.


  2. Yko says:

    Hi Cymbria,

    Your cross-stitch page is beautiful. I really like the sailing design. It really has a lovely heartfelt warmth. I can’t wait to view some more. Keep up the great work.


  3. Teeg says:

    We reached the same point in life. It certainly shows how our souls can become so brittle. People and retail are destroyers of said soul, solitude and creativity are regenerators of spirit.

    – Teegness

  4. Therese says:

    I KNEW it!

    I knew you’d be a blogger! 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Cymbria,

    Nice Blog, stop by my blog sometime…



  6. Type Writer says:

    As I struggle to defy REM and “get there from here”, I will take inspiration from articles like these… Thank you…

    Type Writer

  7. nirveda says:

    Hi,thanks for dropping by…Looking forward to having you around again..bye for now

  8. Cymbria says:

    See you soon ; )

  9. ucb1966 says:

    Hi Cymbria,
    You write a jolly blog. good for you and George. Does the name Kerry Fla……
    mean anything to you. I look forward to looking at more of your writing. I have just joined wordpress. I think I like it. Best wishes, jb

  10. Cymbria says:


    My name is Cymbria too. You are the first person I’ve come across with the same name. I’m always asked what does my name mean and so far I don’t have an answer – well not a truthful answer. Do you know what our name means?

    Best wishes.

  11. Cymbria says:

    I’m named after a tiny town on Prince Edward Island, Canada. My mom saw the name on a signpost there when she was 12, and here I am. It has Welsh origins and can also be pronounced kuum-bree-a. How did you come into this gem of a name?
    You’re the second Cymbria to find me through my blog. sigh. And we all used to think we were sooo unique. How old are you? (if you don’t mind me asking)

  12. Cymbria says:

    ok this is weird…
    this looks like I’m having a conversation with myself…
    not that there’s anything wrong with that ; )

  13. Type Writer says:

    There might be something wrong; I’m just saying 🙂


  14. Cymbria says:

    At least I don’t go around referring to myself as an inanimate object, like a certain someone…


  15. Type Writer says:

    But as a writer, I would think you’d appreciate the pun 🙂


  16. Cymbria says:

    Hi Cymbria,

    What a small world…my Mom told me my name came from a street sign. The name was actually ‘Cambria’ and when she saw it she immediately thought of Cymbria. She said she went to school with a girl by that name who was a couple years older than my Mom. My Mom’s older brother said there wasn’t anyone by that name in school. So we just stuck with the street sign idea. BTW, I’m from the US and I’m in my early 50’s.

  17. Cymbria says:

    And the plot thickens lol! Tragically, I can no longer claim the glorious title of “First”. sigh. Hats off to you, I’m sure you wear our wonderful name with grace and pride : )

    ps. All my sympathies for when you have to spell it over the phone, and for when people mislabel you as a Sabrina or a Cynthia (the horror!).

    pps. My apologies to all Sabrinas and Cynthias, I’m sure you’re all lovely charming girls…Girls who never have to explain/spell/make-small-talk-on-the-golf-course-about your names.


  18. Erin McGregor says:

    Would you believe me if I said I accidentally found your blog?

    Cymbria, Cymbria. Tell.Me.Everything.

    This is quite impressive.

  19. sabrinatang says:

    Cymbria, found this site through Caroline’s 🙂 A very belated congratulations on your marriage! Love your blog.

    – Sabrina (not Cynthia or Cymbria – and yes, just like the teenage witch).

  20. Cymbria says:

    Hi Erin and Sabrina!

    And here I thought I was being all sneaky by avoiding facebook and myspace lol. It’s so wonderful to hear from you guys! High school feels like a lifetime ago, at least to this old married broad heehee.

    Erin, are you still performing your music? Dude, I so should have taken you up on that “making costumes” idea. And Sabrina, so sorry about the “Sabrina” diss lol. First time I blab about the name game and you’re right there to call me on it, kudos on your impeccable timing ; )

    Miss you guys!

  21. dinesh1201 says:

    Hi Cymbria! Your blog is very nice . Keep up the good work. Best regards

  22. dinesh1201 says:

    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

  23. Cymbria says:

    You too Dinesh!! And a Happy New Year!!

  24. Thérèse says:

    Love the new picture, Cymbria. 🙂

  25. Cymbria says:

    Thanks! The photoshoot was a bit mortifying – me, myself, and a blanket, amidst the giggles of the park’s Saturday morning crowd – but I’d like to think it was worth it ; )

  26. Type Writer says:

    I think any woman who can hold her ground against middle-aged men while perambulating through busy sidewalks should not be embarassed by a little-bitty photoshoot 🙂 Besides, the pictures came out wonderfully…


  27. Cymbria says:

    Hello Cymbria, I am a Cymbria too. I looked up my name and found the small town your Mother spoke of. My Mother, However, went to school at Houghton Lake High in Houghton Lake Michigan and her best friend was Cymbria. Her Mother found the name in a German romance novel. Isn’t that something. So amazing. Yes, we believe we are so unique, but then we find just how small our little world can be. I just wanted to say Hello, I read your blog and all the comments. Interesting. I live in Georgia, Love the sunshine and warmth and just had to say, I love our name. I am 40 years young.My mom would have been 72 this year. she passed at 57. Wow, How awesome it is to see my name and hear of the others.
    Take Care and Many Blessings

  28. Cymbria says:

    Hello Cymbria, I am a Cymbria too. I think we’ve got an echo in here lol. Thanks for dropping by! I used to think my PEI signpost history was the pinnacle of romance, but a German romance novel takes the cake. Yes, I love our name too. Both our mothers were inspired to give us something special. They must have been planning on raising a coupla’ special girls lol. From the sounds of it, you’re fulfilling that prophecy quite nicely under your Georgia sun.

  29. david fels says:

    Hi, Fantastic blog!

    I am out of touch. E-mail less so to speak. Will inform as to new E-mail.
    Go-go with the makeover! If you don’t strut it you won’t get it.


  30. Cymbria says:

    Thanks! I’m with you on the strutting lol. There’s a time and a place though ~ I’m thinking downtown Calgary – 12:30 pm – a little lunchtime sidewalk cruisin’ haha… maybe tomorrow. Got a bit stalled today and somehow ended up at work wearing the before sweater. Not my fault. I blame Monday.

  31. reza says:

    Hello Cymbria,could add more article about this ..waiting useful information

  32. Cymbria says:

    Thanks for popping by Reza! Yeppers, that’s my middle name – Cymbria “useful information” Wood lol ; )

  33. Colin says:

    Cymbria.. I see you’re doing well.. I am glad.. I hope to hear from you.. same e-mail address

  34. Cymbria says:

    …same Bat Time… same Bat Channel…
    Good to hear you’re still kickin’ : )

  35. katie o. says:

    love your attitude. hoping to adopt it soon. instead i have to keep plugging away in this stressful work world until i wake up with my own pine needle in my eye. in the mean time, i’ll just live vicariously through you. 🙂

  36. Cymbria says:

    Hehee~ Thank you so much Katie O! All I can say is thank heavens it was only metaphorical lol. By the way, your blog has some the best food photography I’ve seen in ages. You go girl!! Ah sigh, someday we shall escape our cubicles… someday….

  37. Glenn says:

    Hi there! Sorry I didn’t get a hold of you sooner, but I’d left your card in my jacket and didn’t find it again until I took it camping. (The jacket, not the card…or actually both, but not intentionally. I think you know what I mean.) Hope you are doing well. Like the blog. PS. I’m no longer at 22 Shady Acres, and my number has also changed, so you’ll just have to email me for specifics. Maybe we can round up Peter and hit the Lido for brunch! Ciao bella!

  38. Cymbria says:

    Hope my card made good kindling lol Glad to hear the move went well ; )

  39. Liz Johns says:

    Hey Cymbria,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog (the parrot and egg boxes post). Can I sign up to yours at all, I can’t see where to do it?
    Cheers, Liz.

  40. Cymbria says:

    Hi Liz ~ I’m still chuckling over here about that wall’paper’ 🙂 I just added an “email subscription” widget to the sidebar. Hope that helps~

  41. I understand what you say about being pushed by society or other invisible forces to work longer, harder and to be more sucessful and I notice it too. And I wish I had more time for the plans and projects I really want to do but I’m just starting to work now, I need to settle my life in uniform movement before being able to do my rewards.

    BTW I’m a subscriber now

  42. Cymbria says:

    Just don’t wait too long T.L.G~ Life will always pull you towards the pack… Time and love are the only two things truly worth fighting for on this planet! And, rights, and the environment, and… Oh man, I’m feeling overwhelmed already lol.
    Thank you so much for subscribing! You totally made my day : )

  43. Comments are a significant section of the blogosphere. On a few occasion, I’ve learned an important degree of information from your comments section. Should the comments usually are not productive, they’ll likely ought to be moderated should the site owner so chooses.

  44. Cymbria says:

    Ooooo that sounds a bit ominous Kellie ~wink… But I do agree that comments, just like conversations, can bring deeper understanding through human to human communication – adding a new dimension to this Soapbox blogosphere of ours.

  45. Jeff Proctor says:

    We live in Cymbria during the summer. It is a beautiful little corner of the world.

    Jeff and Marilyn Proctor

  46. cymbria says:

    HI Cymbria, I spoke to you a few years ago about our unique name and if I remember correctly, do you live in canada? If so my my daughter is giving birth to my first grand daughter and she has found the baby crib set she loves, on pintrist. It unfortunately is in Canada at a walmart and online ordering does now allow us to get this set as we are in the USA. I’ve tried walmart.com and they can not get either. From one great named person to another….is there anyway you may help us in this process?. Please email me if you are in anyway able to help me in this quest. I have the info and I’d number for the Canadian walmart item number. Thanks so much.
    Cymbria Kruger

  47. Just surfed in here on a name search for Cymbria. Hey! The star of my fantasy novels is a Cymbria! I’m kind of amused and happy to know someone out there has real style in naming their daughter Cymbria. In short…she’s a potent druidess, otherwise known as the Green Queen, she’s got red hair like a polished copper sunrise and fights like a demon with an enchanted sickle called dread-hook. 🙂 Many blessings and if you want to scout over the first trilogy it’s free to download as a pdf on dragonfoot. It’s called Stormpaintress Saga “Ymerodres”, and here’s a link: http://www.dragonsfoot.org/fe/index.shtml#405 Enjoy your superstar status!

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