Say “Yes”, and the Lord will brighten more than you can imagine…

Lit from within

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. – Psalms 119:105

I work in the tallest building in Calgary. The view from reception is magnificent – snowy city spread out beneath us like a half done crossword puzzle, hazy frosted peaks of the Rockies teasing from the horizon. I stop to dream about skiing those distant mountains every time I pass by on my way down the hall to my office – the only one without windows.

“Don’t you find it dark in here?” asked the maintenance tech, light-bulb in hand. He was perched high on a red folding ladder, replacing the burnt out bulb over my office computer.

“Not really,” I said. I’d become used to the lighting, dim as it was, and thought of it as simply another element of the job. It was late December, and I don’t suppose I was getting much in the way of light outside of the office either. Overall, my job is great, with perks I could never even have imagined while trapped retail for so many years. I certainly wasn’t about to start complaining about the lighting.

“I can put in all daylight bulbs if you want. It would make it a lot brighter,” said the tech.

Can you believe I hesitated! He had to convince me it was no problem and that he “did this sort of thing all the time”. “Really,” he said, “it’ll make a huge difference”. To be honest, I didn’t ‘really’ believe it would, but I took the chance and gave him the go ahead.

The man was right. Seriously, it changed the entire nature of my job. My office, and my mood, brightened right up. I still can’t believe the difference it’s made! The experience reminded me of another light that changed my world, one I hesitated even longer before accepting. Looking back, I can’t believe I waited a single second before welcoming Jesus into my life! Suddenly, everything brightened. I knew then, in a warm rush, that there would always be a light in the dark, someone to catch me and hold me – even when I didn’t know I’d fallen. Yes, suddenly, there was hope. I never knew how much I needed him before I gave myself to be saved. Have you opened your heart to the Lord? Why are you hesitating?

Our world gives us a sprawling view out the front window, with endless activities and distractions, but how do you feel when you are alone? When you left sitting by yourself in the dark? Turn on the light! The Lord is offering you a whole new life, not just on Earth, but an eternity surrounded by his love. And yes, ‘really’, he does ‘this sort of thing all the time’ too. All you have to do is believe. The Spirit will work itself in your heart and you will know the truth. There is no risk, only reward. Say “no”, and it will only get darker. Say “yes”, and the Lord will brighten more than you can imagine.

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. -Isa 60:1


2 Responses to Say “Yes”, and the Lord will brighten more than you can imagine…

  1. lynn says:

    you’ve written a beautiful piece, Cymbria, about accepting love and light into our hearts…..

  2. Melissa Mearns says:

    Hey Cymbria!

    Miriam gave me the link to your site, what a great piece of writing, with an even better message of Love and Light-exactly who God is. Take Care! Melissa

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