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*NEW* Dancing our way into history at Calgary’s Greek Festival 

Ten (+4) rules for the checkout line

1990 Tracheotomies




Lunch with Icarus


The Rig

Hide and Seek

The Couch

Escaping the Lunch Rush (novel)

Sybil’s Sybera (novel)



6 Responses to Writing

  1. Cymbria Van Nest says:

    Hi Cymbria! My name is Cymbria too! I’m 13 and live in Newmarket, Ontario. I was wondering where you got your name and if you know any other Cymbria’s. I usually get lots of wonderful comments on my name and I was wondering if you do too. I am named after the town in P.E.I. and I got a picture taken of me in front of the sign that says Cymbria. Have you ever been there? My nick name that my frinends call me is Cymbby and I was wondering if you have a nick name. I’m plannig on reading some of your short stories. Please e-mail me back!
    From Cymbria

  2. Dave fels says:

    Who would have known. Cymbby no less. She sounds nice.

    You will always be my one and only Cymbria unique in every way.

  3. Tonia says:

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia! The grey haired lady dancing at the Greek Festival is my mother. I am amazed she’s still dancing after having a knee replacement last year! Go mom!

  4. Cymbria says:

    Wow, Tonia!

    Your mom is amazing! She put us all to shame with her passion and, of course… her expert moves. She was a treat to watch and had more charisma than any of us young tarts ; ) Thank you so much for reading!

  5. Cassandta says:

    As a fellow member of the Calgary Writers meet up group I thought you might be interested in this event.
    It’s with three-time best selling author Teresa de Grosbois and she’s sharing all the insider knowledge needed to get your book published and promoted. It’s an A to Z way on how to write, publish and promote your best seller. As a writer I know that it can be an isolating process, this event is fun, informative and interactive. It’s a great opportunity to connect and network with industry professional and writers of all levels.
    If you would like some more information you can click the link below.
    Have a great day,
    Cassandra Small Shifts Books & media

  6. Cymbria says:

    Thank you for the link Cassandra!

    I found your comment too late to join the party, but I always appreciate writers looking out for one another. For Pete’s sake, we’re all we’ve got! lol

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