Cleaning In Character: Because there are ways of making life fun… even cleaning the bathroom

May 26, 2010

...because what could be more fun than sharing your struggles with a colour coordinated, early 20th century, Eastern European peasant girl?

Remember Puff The Magic Dragon? Remember how little Jackie Paper abandoned his best friend for “other toys,” and how heartbroken Puff “sadly slipped into his cave?” What a horrible lesson to teach kids! The idea that one outgrows one’s imagination is not only absurd, but cruel, and can even be crippling for certain personalities. Next time you’re in a long lineup, watch what happens… The children immediately evaluate their environment in terms of story possibilities and novel sensations, while the adults generally shuffle around getting bored and/or irritated. Which sounds like more fun to you?

National Geographic's next cover

What if we could protect our imaginations the same way we now wear sunscreen to prevent (or at least stave off) wrinkles? I, for one, refuse to compromise what continues to be my most powerful tool in how I interpret and interact with the world. Globalization has exposed us to so many differing cultural worldviews; why not explore the possibility of your own unique construct? Why not make life a little more fun?

Sure, I felt a bit silly cleaning in costume, but only at first. It was incredible how much more bearable (let’s not get carried away here) my chore became after I added the story. Try it for yourself! Your imagination is a whole lot closer to the surface than you’ve been led to believe…


Because life is more fun without pants…

May 13, 2010
Calgary Comic Expo Cosplay

'Vamping' outside Calgary's Comic Expo with Carmen Sandiego and The Black Canary

Black Canary Action Figure

Sometimes, you really just have to GO FOR IT! Gutsy gal that I am, I recently spent an entire Saturday as The Black Canary – dropping off my income taxes at Westbrook Mall, dispensing marriage advice on the C-Train, strolling through the Casino on my downtime (couldn’t find any slots for my nickel – even on the 5cent slot machines??). Calgary was surprisingly receptive to my Super Hero self, the context (thankfully!) being obvious. Although, I did notice a cooling of public opinion when I ditched the yellow bits for the rainy bus ride home; turns out there’s a fine line between Super Hero and Hooker – who knew?

Becoming The Black Canary:
1- Baste yellow zipper onto fitted T-shirt
2- Cut 12 (3″/1.5″) cardboard rectangles
3- Cover cardboard with fabric (white glue or glue gun)
4- Sew black elastic loops for securing yellow to boots and gloves
5- Glue yellow rectangles to black elastic strips for boots (see pic) and glove loops
6- Add fishnets, black bodysuit, short black jacket, and knee-high black boots
7- Save the world…(opt.)

(Top photo by Andy Nichols)

What happens when CROCS are released into the wild?

April 1, 2010

Adaptive by nature, CROCS are the chameleons of the footwear world. Once released into the wild, they quickly molt free of their urban fluorescents and adopt a more naturalistic palate, allowing them to blend seamlessly into their new surroundings.

Alert and on the lookout for unsuspecting fashion victims, a naturalized CROC lies in wait. Luckily, my Saucony’s scared this little fellow away before any toes (or dignity!) were lost.

Dancing our way into history at Calgary’s Greek Festival

June 24, 2009
Greek Dance Troop Kyklos from Edmonton takes the stage

Edmonton dance troop Kyklos takes the stage

Greek culture is a celebration of tradition and family, with a history rich in art, food, and – as three blonds discovered at Calgary’s Greek Festival – lively dancing. Of our three family trees, mine has come the closest to Grecian soil, but that’s only by way of my step-mother’s ex-husband. Needless to say, we’ve never been invited to any family reunions. We’re always up for a party though, and as we quickly discovered, going Greek guarantees a great time!

Greek Festival LogoThis year’s Festival was attended by thousands and took place under a giant white tent in SouthWest Calgary, next to the Hellenic Community Center. The late June air was filled with the wonderful smells of honey drenched pastries and spit roasted lamb. I can still taste the sweet warmth of the Loukoumades on my tongue when I close my eyes – and yes, they’re just as sensational as their name. After a delicious meal, we took our seats third row from the stage, having no idea we were to become stars of the show!

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