Every writer’s dream…

March 25, 2010

Card's inside caption reads: ...And Live The Dream!

It’s every writer’s dream… a free-wheeling roadtrip across Canada with nothing but your wits and words to get you from A to B to N (Alberta to B.C. to Newfoundland). As I type this, Patricia O’Neill – one of Calgary’s best storytellers – is busy whittling down her life to fit in the back of a car. She’ll be blogging her way across the country (web address coming soon!) as she winds her way through the stories, people, and places along the road. It is rare in this life to be offered a chance at true freedom, and there are too few people brave enough to grab hold of the opportunity. We’re proud of you Patricia! Go forth woman… and live the dream!

Update: You can follow Patricia’s incredible journey on her blog – Moving in the Write Direction


Dear Fellow Writers: Has this ever happened to you?

December 22, 2009

I decided to sneak in a few more paragraphs of my current writing project while I was up at the front desk covering our receptionist’s lunch break today. Without intending to, I found myself slipping into THE ZONE. Even more unexpectedly, a full-on, entirely involuntary, facial meltdown hit me when I ran into the last few sentences of Chapter Four. The emotional drama of the scene was just too much – and this is someone who held out through almost the entire end-credits of Titanic. 

Tears weren’t just brimming, they were streaming down my cheeks. I blew my nose in tissue after tissue, to no avail. Even the briefest peek at the screen renewed the reaction, but I wasn’t about to back down – never when grammar’s at stake! Pretty soon my eyes were bloodshot and my face was unmistakably blotched and puffy. I was, inescapably, inexcusably, a girl crying at work.

Fabulous news for writers!

August 7, 2009

We write, can’t help it, can’t fight it. But who reads?

I hopped the bus to work on a recent rainy morning, and was delighted to find five of my fellow passengers with novels under their noses. How many were busy with their cell phones or Blackberrys? Just one! And, wouldn’t you know it, of all the bleary faces on the bus, hers wore the only frown.

Clive Cussler loses control

March 12, 2009

“To the eye of a creative artist or designer, the mansions looked like monstrosities of architecture gone mad with ostentation.” – Clive Cussler, The Chase

Well, Clive, Daaaarling, “to the eye of a creative (writer)”, this sentence is a bit of a monstrosity. But how could we fault you, dear, for such a small touch of indulgence when the rest of your story is so very delicious. That’s right, Clive, this is your writer’s get outa’ jail free card. Hope you and your editor enjoy it : ) Don’t worry though, I’m workin’ my way through a whole stack of ’em over here on my own.

Toni Morrison says it best…

July 28, 2008

“Writing is the only place where I’m not doing something that somebody else wants… What you want to make is this one little place like the facet of a diamond, just one little shape, and that’s where you live and that’s yours.”Toni Morrison (quote taken from current August issue of American Vogue)

Click image for Time Magazine's "10 Questions for Toni Morrison"

Click image to read Time Magazine's "10 Questions for Toni Morrison"

(photo source: http://www.amnestyusa.com)

If only this were true about writing!

June 24, 2008

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”Aristotle

Sure, easy for a philosopher to say! If gardening was one of Aristotle’s pleasures, I doubt you’d have found his fellow Greeks lining up to argue the perfection of his produce. I mean really, would you argue with Aristotle (even if it was about a tomato)? As for us writers, we’re stuck with the old adage:

“Practice makes perfect.”Everyone Else